Peter O’Karma is a lawyer by day and a DJ by night. As DJ Esq he has managed Good Karma DJs, playing to nearly any type of occasion, from weddings to private events to, of course, nightclubs. As an educator, Pete has also been a part of a Malden after-school program teaching young people DJing and turntable skills. O’Karma’s personable style and tremendous experience in all facets makes for a very educated experience in the vast realm of DJing and DJ culture. Under the moniker Madd Martigann, he has begun producing EDM music.


Let me start off by saying the most common feedback we’ve been receiving is “What a party, I can’t believe how packed the dance floor was!” Although we almost broke the dance floor because so many people were getting down, we couldn’t have been happier with the way Pete got everyone going and kept them engaged. We really wanted the mood to match what was happening throughout the night and Pete executed it seamlessly. He even recommended a pianist for us to use at cocktail hour, which went over very well. Dinner was a mix of our favorite big band and easy listening artists, but when it came time to party, Pete orchestrated the best mix of genres to get everyone involved. In addition to the music, we also used Pete for uplighting as well which was amazing!! The room looked perfect! We could have chosen from a variety of colors and changed it throughout the night, but we stuck to our wedding colors and it looked beautiful. Pete also kept the night on track and was conscious of what we needed to be doing. He even helped get everyone on the dance floor so our photographers could get a huge group shot! If you’re okay with a DJ simply pressing play on a playlist, then DJ Esquire is not your guy. However, if you want someone who will blend the songs you want to hear so there’s never a dull second and someone who can truly read a crowd, then look no further. Seriously, it was the most packed dance floor I’ve ever been on at a wedding.
— Ashley I Wedding (10/2016)
What does everyone remember from weddings they attend? The food, the drink and the atmosphere/vibe. These were the things we paid the most attention to while planning our wedding. And Pete played a HUGE role in the “atmosphere” part and he definitely delivered on our big day. He was easy to communicate with leading up the wedding, even with last minute things, and during the wedding, he effectively communicated with the event coordinator, so I had little to worry about. He read the crowd, he essentially “mc’d” the wedding, in a more discreet style, and kept things moving with our approximate timeline. And I might be biased because it was my wedding, but it was the best dance party at a wedding that I have ever been a part of!
— Rebecca I Wedding (08/2016)
The fact that Pete had done so many events and had a system that worked put me at ease, it really demonstrated to me that he knew what he as doing. He worked with us on things we wanted to do that were a little off the beaten track and was great about it. Also- the music was awesome! My college music major friend who I love going dancing with was super impressed!
— Claire I Wedding (07/2016)
Pete was by far the best dj we have ever seen at a wedding, and not being partial since it was our own. He was extremely professional during the entire process and was so helpful throughout the planning stage. The day of the wedding he helped make it a night we would never forget! He knows how to keep the guests up and dancing all night! We would highly recommend Pete to anyone.
— Ryan I Wedding (07/2014)
Pete is an amazing DJ, extremely easy to work and schedule with, as well as fairly priced for his level of service. Despite all of these great characteristics, what I appreciated most was Pete’s ability to walk us through the process of choosing songs for our wedding party, as well as our own departure from the ceremony. This was something neither my wife or I had thought about and had to do last minute, Pete had a bunch of great ideas and helped us organize our thoughts and we were able to make great choices with little added stress. Additionally, Pete is an extraordinary MC. He familiarized himself with the venue and our families quickly and used that to information to walk us through an amazing day. I have recommended him to several of my cousins who are getting married this year and I hope they choose him.
— Damien I Wedding (05/2014)