We are a group of highly-skilled, veteran private event, club, and wedding DJs who have come together to redefine what it means to be a DJ.

Seth was fantastic! He lived up to our expectations and more. He did such a good job of blending old classics with new, more modern song requests that we had. We received so many compliments on his DJ skills and he was worth every penny. Thank you, Seth! You helped make our wedding unforgettable.
— David + Amanda // Wedding (09/2018)
I cannot recommend Seth Isaacs enough. From start to finish he was laid back, professional and confident in his ability to execute an awesome wedding. The music was super important to us, as we wanted the wedding to be a big party. And, thank to Seth - it was! Our ceremony music was perfect (even though we had Seth use music we found on YouTube), our reception entrances were epic, and our reception itself was just a huge dance party. Seth mixed the music perfectly, and knew that our crowd was ready to start dancing early, and we sure did. Seth, you are a master at your craft, and we appreciate you being a part of this amazing day!
— Katelyn + Danny // Wedding (03/2018)
Seth was truly amazing! We asked him to keep everyone dancing all night and he did not disappoint. From the youngest to the oldest he made sure everyone had a great time on the dance floor! My husband and I have nothing but excellent things to say about him. He made sure all our requests were met and exceeded our expectations. We would recommend him in an instant, as he is sure to elevate any event. Thank you for making our wedding so very special!
— Kayleigh + Garrett // Wedding (04/2018)


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Seth was there for us every step of the way. We couldn’t have been happier! Thanks Seth! - R + N
— Roger + Natalia // Wedding (05/2018)

Deejaying has become a lost art, discarded in a sea of inexperienced, part-time DJs. Advances in technology and digital music have made what was once a true craft accessible to any beginner with a few hundred dollars and an iPod. Returning to the artistry of DJing is what sets Lost Art Collective apart from the rest. We are a group of highly-skilled, veteran private event, club, and wedding DJs who have come together to redefine what it means to be a DJ. We are setting the bar at its highest with the best skill, polish, timing and song-selection in the business. Every DJ working with the Lost Art Collective is an established, full-time professional with decades of experience smashing dance floors at private events, weddings, concerts, bottle service clubs and dive bars alike. Our group works with top event sponsors, has opened for music icons including Blondie, makes annual appearances at SXSW in Austin and Winter Music Conference in Miami, and regularly performs at in-store events for high-end retailers. We hold residencies at some of the best clubs in Boston and have been the soundtrack for over 1,000 weddings from New York City to Bar Harbor, Maine. Put simply, we focus on playing the right music at the right time, and make sure all of your needs are met. We are experienced professionals who provide the best service in the business, and we will ensure that your next event will be unforgettable.