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Is not only the founder of Lost Art Collective but also one of its busiest DJs.  He is also the Improper Bostonian's 2017 Boston's Best Wedding DJ.  After spending nearly a decade playing at the best clubs in Boston, Seth transitioned to creating lasting memories at weddings and private events


dj julio de la cruz

Also known as DJ J. Daniel stumbled upon his passion for music and fascination with vinyl records and DJing when he first laid eyes on a professional, mobile jockey. Since that time, he has honed both his skills both behind the turntables and behind a microphone to become a staple in the wedding and event DJ scene as well as his talents as a talented master of ceremonies.


Is a professional, open format performance DJ and true-school turntablist with decades of experience performing for small stadium-sized crowds at both the highest-end nightclubs to the most dive bars of locations and his guaranteed to rock any event.


DJ stephen livingston

Couldn’t decide between his love for food and passion for music so he chose both. As a professional, full-time chef at Harvard Business School by day and experienced event and club DJ by night, Stephen has successfully struck an accomplished balance doing both.