Q.) Why should I book a Lost Art Collective DJ?

A.) Quite simply, we're professional, we're experienced, we know how to DJ, and we're ready to bear the brunt of creating an entire playlist of music for your event or take direction from clients in putting together your must, maybe, and don't play songs.

Q.) Why isn't your pricing available on your website?

A.) Because every event and every client is different, we try to tailor our pricing based on your needs. Fill out the Contact Form on our Booking page and we will be more than happy to put together a price quote.; however, prices generally range from $800-3,000 depending on the location, time, and the amount of hours and equipment needed.

Q.) What is your booking policy?

A.) Bookings are done on a first-come first-served basis. To secure one of our DJs for your event, we require a signed contract and 50% deposit. Everything can be completed online electronically and you can even pay your deposit online with a credit or debit card or you're welcome to send a check in the mail. Whatever is easier!

Q.) Can I meet with my DJ before booking?

A.) Absolutely! All of our DJs are available for an in-person meeting, phone call, or even video chat at any point before making a decision, upon booking, or even any time during the planning process. Most of our DJs do so full-time and make themselves available as is conducive to your schedule. Again, we're not concert pianists, stock brokers, or even magicians by trade -- we are all professional, full-time DJs.