DJ Seth Isaacs is not only the founder of Lost Art Collective but is also one of its most active DJs.  After spending nearly a decade playing at the best clubs in Boston, Seth transitioned to creating lasting memories at weddings and private events.  As a full-time fixture in the New England wedding / event community for the last 5 years, he has performed at over 500 private events and weddings, in addition to making numerous club/bar/large venue-based appearances. Seth holds a Masters Degree in Visual & Media Arts from the prestigious Emerson College and is known for his polished, professional approach to his craft. His massive music library and passionate approach to keeping his clients happy are a testament to his love of the art of DJing. During the limited hours when he is not talking with clients, packing dance floors, or polishing the company website, Seth is usually changing diapers, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and playing princess and superheroes with his two children at home.  With top-notch equipment and a flexible demeanor, he makes sure that everyones leaves events wearing a big smile and a few beads of sweat.


Through a twenty-year DJing career, Eric Spindler has performed all across the country from New Orleans to Boston, Providence to New York, and all the way to the left coast to San Francisco -- and with stops everywhere in between.  He is a seasoned radio DJ as well as having worked in the classroom giving school-aged kids an introduction to DJ'ing and the skills, techniques, and equipment needed to be successful.  From weddings and Sweet 16's, to clubs and the classroom, DJ Eric Spindler is well-versed, completely rounded disc jockey who excels in maintaining a party atmosphere all the while exceeding client expectations as a total professional.




Michael Halloran, who also goes by the name of DJ Real One, is one of the most multi-faceted DJs in Boston and beyond. Specializing in remixing the lastest and most classic in music and music videos (and having worked with some of music's best in producing original work), Michael is able to adapt to any event and any dance floor including Top 40, Vocal House, Hip Hop and R&B, and of course playing his own original remixes and mash-ups to keep his audience guessing at every mix.  He is also able to provide a premium DJ experience by having access to more music, more years behind the turntables, and more professionalism than the average, everyday DJ. 



Born and raised in New England, Chris Estrela began his venture into the music scene in 2009 as a producer.  Chris learned to create hip-­‐hop instrumentals using Logic Pro and recorded tracks with various local artists under his label “Bobblehead Productions”.  From this point point forward, Estrela's love for music lead him to become an aspiring DJ; learning the basics of blending tracks alongside his long-­‐time friend and mentor.  Chris eventually worked his way from spinning at house parties to leaving his mark on Boston by playing various venues throughout the city, as well as being featured on UnRegular Radio and Dig Radio Boston.  DJ Estrela has quickly become a well-­‐versed DJ able to adapt to all crowds with an open format style.